General Information

We are an independent marketing and sales company. Our main activity at the moment is the introduction of the products of the company nexbyte to the market.

These are:

The product group web-assistant

The name web-assistant stands for a comprehensive product range. What would you like to realize on your web page ? A simple guest book? Or should it be a comprehensive ticket reservation portal with an integrated E-Shop for selling fan articles? Web assistant supports you for both perfectly. And all between can easily be done with web-assistant.


Normally the webmaster needed a locally installed imaging software, if he wanted to work on pictures in his CMS tool. The same situation was presented if a user wanted to modify a picture from his digital camera before putting it into the graphic data base. nexImage closes this gap and makes it possible to modify pictures like scaling and cutting of a pictures in the web browser. You have exactly the same functions as with a professional imaging program installed on your hard disk.